May 16th - May 29th 2017.

Photo by Vicki Grima  

Photo by Vicki Grima


Intimate Anagama: at Mill Creek pottery we are creating a very different workshop experience. We want the folks who come to immerse themselves in the firing experience and leave with confidence and knowledge as well a whole bunch of fired work.

 Workshop attendees will get individual instruction on loading and firing techniques.  They will bring bisque ware and share the kiln space of my 150 cubic foot anagama.  Instruction, glaze, materials, wood, demos, and critiques will be included with tuition.    I have tweaked the workshop schedule to make the experience smoother and richer.   Three days will be spent loading the kiln, and five to six days firing.   While the kiln cools we will do morning demos in Simon's personal studio, and have an afternoon of private or group critiques.  The final day of the workshop will be the unloading and assessment of the fired pots.

As a special treat we will be joined by Tales of a Red Clay Rambler's Ben Carter, who will be podcasting the workshop experience.   Ben is interested in documenting the firing and workshop for the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler podcast.  This is different than anything Ben has done before on his show, and it will be interesting to see what he comes up with.