Kilns around the World

The first kiln I built in 1994 was such an intimate experience to fire.  Knowing the kiln from the inside out during the firings allowed me to anticipate problems and account for variables. Your clay choice, how you load, and how you fire all effect the way the work looks. The design of the kiln is equally important in its relationship to the pottery. Among these pages are the kiln building projects and workshops I have lead.  It's exciting to hear of great work that is being made in these kilns, a small legacy of clay.

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Hangzhou Firing

In December of 2015, I returned to The College of Crafts, China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. Last year Lars Voltz, Kelsie Rudolph, the Academy students, and I, built two kilns for the school

China Kiln Build in Hangzhou

In the summer of 2014, the China Academy of Fine Arts invited me and my apprentices Lars Voltz and Kelsie Rudolph to build and fire two wood kilns in twenty days. 


Extension to the Mill Creek Anagama

Mill Creek Pottery, Gresham, WI


Laura Ross' Kiln

Car Kiln for Soda Firing

Prospect, KY.



Syracuse University Anagama

Re-building the Syracuse University Anagama

Instructors Margie Hughto, Errol Willet, David Macdonald


Building the Mill Creek Anagama

Mill Creek Pottery, Gresham WI


East Timor Kiln

Building a kiln for East Timor

A water filtration project with World Vision


Corning Community College

Corning, NY.

Instructor Fred Herbst