Woodfire Pottery

Wood firing is a process of individuality. The making of each piece is full of variables and no two pieces are ever alike. The ash and flame moving through the kiln etch their paths across the ware. The ash melts forming a natural glaze bonded to the clay. I make my work to take advantage of these variables, enhancing forms, and painting with the fire. The loading of the kiln takes a day and a half because placement determines the pot's markings.

Wood firing is an intense and communal activity. For each firing we have a crew of 4 to 6 people, who take shifts working around the clock for four days to load and fire the pots. The pots reward you by showing the passage of time and flame and labor. Each piece is a narrative telling the story of every log split and the journey of ceramics through a river of flame. Those who participated in a firing feel a strong connection to the pottery they earned. And those who use wood fired pots can sense and read that story and continue the tale of interaction by eating and drinking out of the pottery.

As you explore these pages you will find philosophy, process and information. I have not set this site up as a catalogue. I have added a store where you will find the best pots from the most recent firings. These are gallery quality pots available for sale here only.