The Dad Show. Jonescast

Recorded in front of a live audience in Portland, OR, this episode of the Jonescast revolves around the realities of being a father and a potter. All four guests (Kyle CarpenterSimon LevinPeter ScherrSean Scott) have had to figure out how to make their way as potters as they learn how to be fathers. You will also hear how important all of them consider their partners to be in their working life. This episode is brought to you in part by the Oregon College of Art and Craft and by NCECA.

The Potters Cast

The Philosophy of Art Episode 177 of the Potters with Paul Blais January 7, 2016.  This is a funny interview, and one of the few where I get into a polite argument with Paul Blais.

The Jonescast

Brian Jones's long running pottery podcast, episode 9, November, 2011.   Brian says "We met up in Minneapolis and covered a lot of big topics: religion, ambition, and connection. Good talk. One to go back to."

Anagama West Podcast

In February of 2007 I was interviewed by Odin Maxwell for his Anagama-West blog. We cover reduction cooling, philosophy and apprenticeships.