In 2013, I went to Taiwan as a Fulbright Senior Scholar.  They produced this video of my work there.


2013 Fulbright Video of Simon Levin's passions is a search for cultural identity. He believes indigenous clay is a metaphor for the malleable foundation upon which we respond to the world. Simon's Fulbright journey has lead him to dig, process, test and explore the properties of domestic clay in the U.S.

Sept 2016 Utilitarian Clay Symposium, at Arrowmont School. Each presenter brought their favorite pot, to talk about. I brought my Ayumi Horie mug.
A part of a conversation with Clary Illain, lifelong potter, former apprentice to Bernard Leach, and writer. Clary is the author of "A Potter's Workbook." The Japanese governement identifies specific people as national living treasures. The more direct translation is preserver of important intangible cultural properties. Clary is truly this.

Stop Motion

My process is slow.  There are lots of details involved, and though this allows for great conversation, it translates well to stop motion video.

The April 30th Unloading of the Mill Creek Pottery Cross draft Kiln. This was the 30th firing of this kiln built by in 1999 by Simon Levin. Potters involved in this firing were Simon Levin, Matt Bukrey, John Glabus, Jon Vigelund, and Dick Cooter. Over 320 pots were fired in this 3 day wood firing.