An article co-written with Lauren Karle about what to look for when working with galleries.


Crack Pots

A technical follow up article written for pottery making illustrated on preventing S-Cracks when throwing off of the hump.

December/January Issue 2015


Woodfiring: Wadding

A technical article written for Ceramics Monthly with tips, recipes, and techniques for wadding in a wood-kiln.

November 2014

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In 2005 I worked with the Chapman Stick Center on thier compilation album of hispanic stick players.  Guillermo Cides asked if they could use another image of my work to promote the newest album.  I am thrilled to be reconnected with folks who also use sticks in creative ways.  If you want a free copy of this album try this link

Simon Levin Working Potter

I was asked by Ceramics Monthly to write an article for their working potter's issue.  This honest account of my time focus and direction was a good assessment of my carreer ten years after graduate school.  

 June, July, August issue of Cermaics Monthly 2009.

Throwing and Trimming Off the Hump

A technical article written for pottery making illustrated with tips and techniques for making your studio making practice more fulid.




Hard Work If You Can Get It

It's nice to get a cover image!  I was asked to write an article for the log book, a really wonderful niche trade magazine that is put together with love and dedcation by Robert Sanderson and Coll Minogue. 

Published in the Log Book, Issue 35 September 2008

Becoming Inarticulate

The most academic article I have ever written.  This is an attempt at discussing the language of clay and the point at which certain issues have no english counterpart.  Writing about things that have no words is akin to grabbing smoke.  

Published in Studio Potter, Vol. 35, No.2, June 2007

Signature Ceramics

I got the chance to curate a show with two good friends and great potters, Liz Lurie and Bede Clarke. We explored the idea of home. Here is Dorothy Joiner's review of the show in Ceramics Monthly, March 2007.

Critical Care, The Art of Self Critique

A self reflective article that emphasizes the role of assesment in the studio process.  Stating that the clay community would benefit from more criticism I offer up several pieces of my own for public critique.

Ceramics Monthly, pp 34-38 August Sept 2006.

Clay Times jf05coverart.gif

All Cylinders Firing

After my 2004 Signature Shop and Gallery show, I was interviewed by Rick Berman.  Here is my first cover, I bought several copies for my mother.

This interview was published in the Jan/Feb issue of Clay Times 2005.


Staying Power

 A letter to all woodfiring potters. First published in the 2004 International Woodfire Conference Magazine.

Published in The log book, pp.14-18, Issue 19, 2004.

The Functional Saggar

My first article, about a technical process. Published in Clay Times Vol. 5, No. 2, March/April, 1999.