Our Holiday Sales opens soon.  Pottery made by me and my apprentices Ian Connors and Jacob Meer will be available below.  The store looks empty now, but on Friday morning 9 EST, it will be full as we go live.  We had a wonderful firing with not only a high success rate but really exciting color range and surfaces.  This was Ian's last firing as an apprentice and a really solid end to a year and half of hard work.  Ian's pots have matured immensely while at Mill Creek.  He is one to watch.


Work by Simon Levin 




Work currently available on Etsy


Work by Ian Connors 


Work by Jacob Meer 


 On Tuesday July 26th I visited my former teacher and now friend Clary Illian to have a conversation about criticism.  The conversation was a delight, though I lost a lot of good stuff due to technical ignorance on my part.  Though here is a good portion of our discussion.  




 I would like to introduce the new Mill Creek Apprentice for 2016, Jacob Meer.  Jacob is a graduate of the ceramics department at  University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.  He was a student of Christopher Davis-Benavides and Ty Bender.  Jake will be replacing Liz Vukelich as she goes on to Graduate School at Wichita State.  You can see some of Jake's recent work here on his personal page.






I am playing with a new broadcasting app called Periscope. It allows for a window and conversation with my studio process. Users can sign on, and join conversations with me when I am broadcasting.  

I would like to announce what I hope will be a series of public critique of ceramic work. Lots of disciplines benefit from peer review and we all benefit by seeing through the considered eyes of others. Andrew Linderman sent me this mug in an act of bravery. Join us at 8pm central time tonight on Periscope @woodfire or here on my website SimonLevin.com. Thanks to @alpottery for starting us off. I will also be critiquing one of Liz Vukelich @lizellaslip pots from a recent firing.

Please share this and consider sending work to a future critique.

Here is the Periscope link:  





A video posted by Simon Levin (@woodfire) on


In 2015 I ran an Indiegogo Campaign, and with the support of many we re-built some of the wood kilns, bought a new electric kiln, and revitalized the studtio.  One of the perks was the creation of this book.   For the past 14 years I have been saving some of the best pots from each firing for my children.   

We inventoried, photographed and recorded the collection and in the process we made this lovely book.  
 Blurb publishing produces an extremely high quality product and I am pleased to make this collection available online.  

In October of 2015 I sat down with Paul Blais a ceramicist, and an enthusiastic podcaster who in a short time has ammassed a huge library of interviews with potters.   Paul usually focuses on how to turn artwork into a profitable business model, though we found ourselves talking much more about the philosophy of art.


We even got into an argument, which Paul claims is the first time in 177 interviews this has happened.  Perhaps I am more contentious than I think.  Listen for yourself.





In 2014 my apprentices Lars Voltz, Kelsie Rudolph and I traveled to Hangzhou China. There we built two kilns for China Academy of the Arts.  I was hired to return December 2015 to teach firing and loading techniques.  We fired 3 times while there.The process is documented on instagram and Facebook under the hashtag #FireInChina.   Josh Copus a wood fire potter from North Carolina joined me in this excursion.

You can also see this story told here on my website in three parts.  The kiln building, The Loading and Firing, and the story told by Angel, (the 20 year old undergraduate who acted as my translator)



Pottery Making Illustrated will be publishing an article I wrote this fall with the help of my apprentice Ian Connors.

look for it in the December/January issue.


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